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Today, there are many types of erotic massage, and the vast majority is performed in our Desert Rose massage parlor. What is important? Massages provided by our masseuses are also a great way to deal with various health problems. That is why it is always worth choosing the best solution for yourself because the wrong session can hurt your body. If you do not want such problems to happen, be sure to read the following guide, and you will find out what the difference between a sensual massage and deep tissue massage is. Let’s get started!

Deep tissue massage

What is deep-tissue massage? It is a type of physical therapy whose main goal is to reach the deeper layers of the body. This massage puts more pressure and has many benefits for physical health, including it reduces back and neck pain, correcting posture, and reducing chronic muscle pain. Deep tissue massage is a great choice not only for young people. It is also perfect for the elderly who struggle with many ailments related to the lack of physical activity. What is worth remembering? Because deep tissue massage is primarily aimed at combating health problems, it is recommended to contact a specialist before performing this treatment.

Sensual massage – what is it?

Sensual massage, also known as sensual caresses, is significantly different from the technique discussed above. What distinguishes it? The primary purpose of sensual massage is to help clients stimulate their erogenous zones. It is for this reason that we introduce a romantic atmosphere in our salon before performing a massage. We also use candles and essential oils that make the atmosphere even more atmosphere. Another difference of sensual massage is that for satisfaction, customers can ask for the massage to end with a happy ending.

What do both massage techniques have in common?

Although there are many differences between these massage techniques, they also have a lot in common! The main aspect that connects both sessions is the use of special equipment, thanks to which the treatments are fully comfortable for our clients. What are these tools?

  • Professional massage table
  • Oils that soften the movements
  • A blanket to cover the table

In summary, both massage techniques are a great solution for your physical and mental health. If you want to feel fully satisfied – it’s best to combine them. By deciding to have massage sessions in our salon, you can be sure of achieving an amazing effect. We invite you!