Nuru Erotic Massage

Nuru is a Japanese erotic massage technique which involves naked body to body contact. Performed by one or more Nuru masseuses at the same time, it can provide ultimate erotic sensation.. It is an amazing form of full body to body massage and it is very sensual. Nuru erotic massage is suitable for both genders not just men. For couples Nuru can provide what they might need to spice up their love and erotic life. Nuru massages are intimate by nature and therefore can provide emotional connection. In Japanese culture, Nuru massage is viewed as a spiritual journey.

Tantric Erotic Massage

Tantra is a very sensual erotic massage ritual suitable for men, women and couples. The massage awakens your heart, strength, calmness and self-confidence. It shows you how to raise to your full potential in regards of sexuality, love and life. Tantric erotic massage will let you discover the source of your inner strength and power. Couples can learn how the deep relaxation and sensual pleasure in the Tantric massage can increase the erotic attraction and mutual love in your relationship. Tantra massage is a deeply relaxing, energizing and awakening experience, which increases your inner peace and joy of life. In a tantra massage we awaken the sensual pleasure and the erotic energy in a sublime and controlled way, spreading the energy throughout the entire body, using it as a way of accessing a deeper level of pleasure and ecstatic happiness.

Yoni Erotic Massage For Women

Yoni is a Tantric erotic massage designed for women. A tantra massage is like a journey into yourself, through your entire inner universe. Throughout that journey, the loving and conscious touch will help you connect with parts and aspects of yourself, which usually don't get much attention. During the Yoni you will get in touch with your full feminine potential, your feminine nature, sensuality, pleasure, and your ability to be ecstatic! The Yoni massage is an amazing opportunity to experience a loving, healing and respectful touch of your innermost being and to receive the love deep within, without having to give anything back, or do something in return. We provide the yoni massage with the heartfelt wish that you experience your inner sacred space in full love and consciousness, respectfully and according to what feels right for you.


Body to Body Erotic Massage

Body to body erotic massage is a very sensual experience. Just imagine candle light, soft music closed eyes, forgetting about your everyday life and seeing yourself in a place you rarely visit. Your imagination can take you there. The erotic touch of a masseuse and a feeling of total relaxation is an amazing experience. Body to body is designed for both men, women and couples. Please come in and experience he ultimate.

Thai Massage, Classic Massage, Swedish Massage

These are other forms of massages we offer. All of them are very relaxing and can be very enjoyable. You will be totally relaxed and well rested after each session. Our masseuses can add a little spice and eroticism to those as well. So free yourself from stress and felling tired after a long day at work and give us a chance to put you a state of total relaxation. Women, men and couples are welcome.

Four Hands Erotic Massage

For hands erotic massage as the name says is performed by two masseuses. It is the ultimate pleasure experience. Whether you are a man or a woman this type of an erotic massage will be the most memorable ever. Give yourself a chance to experience the soft touch of four hands gently massaging your entire body. Erotic, sensual and amazing. Indulge yourselves and try the best erotic massage has to offer.

We welcome ladies, men and couples for extraordinary experience.

Desert  Rose Erotic  Massage and Spa offers  variety of erotic massages in the  city  of Warsaw. With two downtown locations you can indulge yourself in Nuru, Tantric, Body to Body and Four  hands massages. All erotic massages include a lingam massage. We also offer erotic Yoni  for  the ladies as well as Couples erotic massages. Great choice of masseuses awaits you upon arrival. In a very private setting you will feel welcome and  very relaxed. All massages we offer are very sensual and erotic. They release the tension and make you aware of your own sexuality. Tantric massage does not have a certain technique and it’s different each time. Gentle hand movements of the masseuse will connect your body with the universe of sensations and release all your sexual tension. In Nuru massage our masseuses use body to body contact to give you an ultimate pleasure and feeling of relaxation. If you desire more,  try our Four hands massages. Just imagine two masseuses  massaging your body at the same time. It just doesn’t get better than that. Yoni erotic massage is purely for ladies and focuses on their needs. It helps them to rediscover their own sexuality. If you think you would like to experience erotic massage with your partner at the same time try our Couples massage. Comfortable setting for both with two female masseuses you can experience unlimited amounts of pleasure being next to each other. We do strive to give you the best Warsaw can offer.

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