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Did you know that erotic massage is a delicate and intimate moment of calm, soothing and closeness? In order to perform it properly and provide yourself with pleasure for the senses and many other benefits for the skin, you should use special oils and massage candles! It is worth noting that the candles and massage oils we offer are its perfect complement, which provide a beautiful massage experience that stimulates the sense of smell. Properly selected candles and oils can have a beautiful fragrance, which further enhances the state of relaxation and triggers pleasant associations!

Massage oils

In our salon, massage is always performed with the use of special massage candles and oils. A hand that allows the right glide allows you to perform the massage in an effective way, thanks to which you get a number of benefits! Pleasant and deep relaxing massage, which is combined with aromatherapy through the use of pleasant aromas of oils, will make you quickly give up your gloomy face and stress! The massage performed by our masseuses can do a lot, it brings you into a state of relaxation like few other treatments. Moreover? Massage raises the mood, perfectly relaxes muscular and emotional tension! Erotic massage can also be an ideal antidepressant prophylaxis, especially in the case of mood swings and irritability.

Massage candles

Candles used by our masseuses during massage are a perfect solution for clients, they bring relaxation to the body and spirit. It should be emphasized that the candles are made only of natural ingredients that contain essential oils. A very big advantage of massage candles is the fact that only a moment after lighting them, they melt and turn into a warm balm. Wax perfectly warms the skin, gives extraordinary moments of relaxation and a deep and pleasant experience. Erotic massage is especially recommended for people who live in a constant rush, work a lot, stressed out and exhausted.

Candles and massage oils – what should they contain?

Essential oils that are contained in candles and massage oils can be used depending on a given need and individual preferences. They can have a refreshing, stimulating, as well as calming and calming effect. What is important? A good candle and massage oil leave a beautiful aroma on the skin for some time! After a massage with candles and oils, the skin is not only pleasant to the touch, but also moisturized and nourished. The most common ingredients in massage oils and candles are:

  • Aragan oil
  • Jojoba oil
  • Rosehip seed oil
  • Avocado Oil
  • Shea butter
  • Bee wax
  • And much more

Candles and oils for erotic massage are an inseparable element of the massage attribute, this type of massage is an excellent method that restores mental and physical balance. It is worth taking advantage of our professional massages, because both the psyche and the body benefit from it!