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Do you know that the erotic massage that is available in our DESERT ROSE offer will allow you not only to relieve stress after a day, soothe the pain of tense muscles but also help in getting to know owl’s bodies and enhancing sexual experiences? Read the article and solution today and find out how you did erogenous massage step by step. We invite!

Erotic massage why is it worth it?

Intimate massage is not a modern ensemble for us! Already between the 1st and 4th centuries B.C. on the Kama Sutra, different. A razor, where you and your erogenous points, erogenous points. What’s more? You will let you know each stone and find out if there is any way to find out how to please yourself. Erotic massage provided by our professional masseuses, which relate to solving problems related to the staff, allows you to relax. Remember, massage erotic (whether with a happy ending) with an entire repair battery will affect your health, physical and physical.

How to do an erotic massage at home?

Are you wondering how to do an erotic massage yourself? First, you need to properly prepare the room. Turn off the lights, light candles and turn on romantic music – all this will undoubtedly contribute to proper relaxation and enhance the sensation! For massage, it is recommended to use oils or olives that will provide the right glide, and at the same time will have a fragrance that will suit both of you. It is worth rubbing the oil in your hands beforehand and then massaging your body with it. Watch your partner’s reactions at all times during the massage. If he breathes deeply and calmly, he is very well. When in doubt, you can ask him questions, especially during the first games of this kind. This is a perfectly normal thing because it is worth finding out what the other side enjoys.

You can blindfold the partner who is being massaged to enhance the experience. In turn, other senses, such as the sense of smell or touch, become much more acute, making erotic massage even more pleasant. Yet another way to diversify your message is not to use your hands – instead, you can use ice cubes, massage stones, or other parts of the body.

Erotic massage for men

It is best to start your partner’s erotic massage with a gentle back massage to relax him properly. After the back massage, go to the buttocks – start massaging them gently, watching your partner’s reactions all the time, and repeating the movements that give him the greatest pleasure. Then you can move on to massage your legs, thighs, and feet. While massaging your thighs, approach the erogenous zones more and more. It is worth starting the massage of intimate parts only when the partner is lying on his back. Such a message may be an introduction to something more, but it all depends on YOU!

Erotic massage for ladies

You should know that it is also worth starting erotic massage of a woman from the shoulders and neck and then descending towards the buttocks. What should you remember? Both the nape, neck, and earlobes are some of the erogenous places on a woman’s body. Then you can go to massage the front of the body, focus on the breasts, around the navel. End the erotic massage by caressing your partner’s intimate areas, of course, the way she likes it the most. For women, an intimate massage can be not only foreplay but also a very intense experience.

Erotic massage is not only foreplay but also a pleasure in itself. This is a great opportunity to get to know not only your partner’s body but also your own body. It’s a great way to forget about everyday worries and focus on your and your partner’s desires. We invite all interested parties to familiarize themselves with the offer of our DESERT ROSE massage salon!