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Positive effects on the skin

Therapeutic massage accelerates the reconstruction of the epidermis. It also affects the circulation, which rejuvenates the skin and helps it to become more elastic and toned. The massage has a cleansing effect on sebaceous and sweat glands.

Relief of back pain

Massage allows you to soothe back pain thanks to a very large effect on the cranial and spinal nerves.

Circulatory system

It increases blood circulation thanks, which helps the body to be better oxygenated. This affects the proper functioning of metabolic processes. Better oxygenation means better nutrition of tissues and organs. Massage can positively affect the work of the heart by reducing blood resistance in the arteries.

Strengthened muscle tissue

Massage allows you to strengthen muscle tissue, and the stimulation of muscles makes them work harder. Regular stimulation of the muscles reduces the rate of muscle loss.

A well-done massage is important in the life of every athlete. It is worth getting a massage before physical exercise because it warms the muscles in a gentle way and allows them to enter a higher gear.

However, in the case of overtraining, massage also has beneficial properties. It supports the elimination of inflammation and prevents degeneration.

In the case of serious injuries, such as a fracture or rupture, massage is able to accelerate the process of ossification, which is why rehabilitation through massage is important during the convalescence period.