16 May 2022

Sensual massage – an effective solution to the problem!

The technique of technical measurement has been around since ancient times. Are you wondering why? The textbook’s abilities have helped many people to de-stress, forget about problems and even heal their problems. Experts admit that sensual erotic massage increases the intimacy of desire and relaxes. This is the way to achieve beautiful and young masseuses in our salon, to which we cordially invite you!

The technique of sensual massage

Our professional masseuses provided a sensual massage for the treatment, which does not make much progress with the course of classic sessions. Despite this, many experts say that the stimulation is enhanced by erogenous voices to improve the condition of the body. The main features of the sensual include:

  • Easy and further hand movements, thanks to which the customer does not have any discomfort
  • The therapeutic ratio of the selection, which together relates to the essential oils that are applied to the skin, not related to the allergy
  • A special twilight with the use of candles
  • Light and soft music heard in the background

Why is this massage? The basic performance of massage is erotic massage, but most of all, independence in the assembly of the palate. Erotic massage has a positive effect on energy and allows you to better understand erogenous influences. It is from the closest profile to arouse new feelings and also to improve relations between others.

Sensual massage – what are the results?

The sensual massage technique aims to awaken all positive emotions. After the end of the treatment, the client can count on the following effects:

  • Feeling of complete peace
  • Better sleep
  • Joy and pleasure every day

Improvement of muscles and skin and better functioning of the nervous system

The impact on the body during an erotic massage is very large. What does it mean? It turns out that the muscles are relaxed and their nutrition improves. Very deep muscle relaxation is caused by the strong influence of erotic massage on the central nervous system. What’s more? This type of massage also improves the blood supply to the skin and makes it healthier and more delicate. The oils used during the massage moisturize the skin, making it more pleasant to the touch.

Sensual erotic massage in our salon makes the brain rest, which is extremely beneficial for the central nervous system. Do you want to feel all these advantages on your body? Then do not wait any longer, book a massage at Desert Rose! Experienced masseuses are waiting for you – welcome!

16 May 2022

Sensual massage and deep tissue massage – a comparison

Today, there are many types of erotic massage, and the vast majority is performed in our Desert Rose massage parlor. What is important? Massages provided by our masseuses are also a great way to deal with various health problems. That is why it is always worth choosing the best solution for yourself because the wrong session can hurt your body. If you do not want such problems to happen, be sure to read the following guide, and you will find out what the difference between a sensual massage and deep tissue massage is. Let’s get started!

Deep tissue massage

What is deep-tissue massage? It is a type of physical therapy whose main goal is to reach the deeper layers of the body. This massage puts more pressure and has many benefits for physical health, including it reduces back and neck pain, correcting posture, and reducing chronic muscle pain. Deep tissue massage is a great choice not only for young people. It is also perfect for the elderly who struggle with many ailments related to the lack of physical activity. What is worth remembering? Because deep tissue massage is primarily aimed at combating health problems, it is recommended to contact a specialist before performing this treatment.

Sensual massage – what is it?

Sensual massage, also known as sensual caresses, is significantly different from the technique discussed above. What distinguishes it? The primary purpose of sensual massage is to help clients stimulate their erogenous zones. It is for this reason that we introduce a romantic atmosphere in our salon before performing a massage. We also use candles and essential oils that make the atmosphere even more atmosphere. Another difference of sensual massage is that for satisfaction, customers can ask for the massage to end with a happy ending.

What do both massage techniques have in common?

Although there are many differences between these massage techniques, they also have a lot in common! The main aspect that connects both sessions is the use of special equipment, thanks to which the treatments are fully comfortable for our clients. What are these tools?

  • Professional massage table
  • Oils that soften the movements
  • A blanket to cover the table

In summary, both massage techniques are a great solution for your physical and mental health. If you want to feel fully satisfied – it’s best to combine them. By deciding to have massage sessions in our salon, you can be sure of achieving an amazing effect. We invite you!

16 May 2022

Tips for adequate body rubbing during massage

Undoubtedly, massage is the best activity to relax the mind, body, and soul. It helps to effectively relax and unwind. Unfortunately, in today’s world, life is very fast, and people don’t even have a little time for themselves. Most people are very stressed and worried about the work they do, which puts everything else into the background, and the sensuality of life is completely lost. Massage brings a lot of relief! It is a perfect way to relax the body and fulfill the hidden desires of the client. Sensual, erotic massage restores the lost sensuality, thanks to which people gain a new desire and will to live.

Sensual massage – give yourself a little magic!

Did you know that even doctors ask their patients to use back or body massage techniques from time to time? Even a simple, simple back massage can effectively raise a person’s mood. However, it is recommended that the massage be performed by professionals, so we cordially invite you to our massage parlor, where experienced masseuses are waiting for you! When they rub against the client’s body with their fingers, you can feel happy and fully satisfied. Remember that only professional masseuses know the art of massage thoroughly and can maneuver their movements in such a way that they relieve clients from stress. The choice of Desert Rose is therefore the best possible. Every penny paid in our salon is worth it!

Tips for a good massage performance

However, if you do not want to spend on a massage in our salon or for any reason you cannot take advantage of our offer, you can ask your partner to do it for you. Here are some tips that your partner should try to make the sensual massage an unforgettable experience for you:

  • Use subtle perfumes and aromatic candles, you can also use aromatic oils and incense sticks, thanks to which you will create a one-of-a-kind atmosphere in the massage parlor
  • Remember, always choose oils of the highest quality, harmless to your body
  • During the massage, play soft music in the background. It should not be too loud, because quiet music is a therapy in itself, and therefore increases the chances of relaxation
  • When the massage area is ready, lie down comfortably and let the massage person do their job well
  • During the massage, the skin should be gently massaged so that the muscles do not hurt

We cordially invite you to our professional Desert Rose massage salon!