16 May 2022

Traditional and erotic massage – differences

Each of us is well aware that bad habits are extremely difficult to correct. However, correcting inadequate posture can be very relaxing with medical massage techniques. Bad posture is most often the main cause of muscle pain, and massage is effective in relaxing the muscles. It is a perfect solution thanks to which your body returns to its natural and painless position. Thanks to the massage, all pressure points are relieved by 100% and the joints are relaxed. Summing up, a professional therapeutic massage allows you to enjoy a fully healthy and natural body posture.

You don’t have to worry about anything because you can return to your normal posture by using the services of experienced masseuses. You should know that therapeutic deep tissue massage guarantees a quick return of the body to its normal state. What’s more? The intense touch of the tissues has a positive effect on both the body and posture.

Traditional massage – an effective form of treatment!

Did you know that massage is the oldest form of treatment? Even today, many people go to massages to be able to enjoy their health and free time. Depending on their individual preferences, customers choose various massage techniques, including deep tissue massage, Tantra massage, or Nuru massage. Classic and traditional massage is also very popular, which also effectively treats all physical ailments, although it is completely different from erotic massage!

What is traditional massage therapy? Experienced masseuses perform massage with hands, feet, fingers, and elbows. It is one of the easiest forms of massage to perform, and it primarily relieves pressure points and relieves all kinds of pain that are bothering you. The massage performed in the Desert Rose salon will not only soothe your muscles but also allow you to experience a moment of relaxation that will free you from all your worries! It should be noted that traditional massage does not include nudity.

Erotic massage

Erotic massage is one of the most sexual forms of massage. In this technique, masseuses focus primarily on erogenous areas, because their main goal is to stimulate the client. This is why the areas where erotic massage focuses are radically different from the classic one. Therapists massage in such a way as to induce sexual arousal, thanks to which the intimacy between the masseuse and the client is at a very high level. Erotic massage is pure pleasure, which additionally heals numerous problems related to sexual health.

It is worth noting that erotic massages improve circulation and correct posture. By attending regular massage sessions, you will certainly notice the differences in the correct positioning of your body. All you have to do is contact us and make an appointment at our showroom, which we encourage you to do!

16 May 2022

Tantra massage – a delight for the mind!

Did you know that one of the many ways to achieve both spiritual and body harmony is a Tantra massage in the Desert Rose salon? Experienced masseuses perform it with full sensuality, which will guarantee you real delight! Interestingly, tantric massage was the first to appear in India, and its origins date back to antiquity. Do you want to know more? Be sure to read the article below. Let’s get started!

Tantra massage is a spiritual help for your body

As you know, the human body is steeped in nerve endings and therefore very sensitive by nature. It is the nerve endings that are the first to respond to any touch, and their skillful stimulation can bring a great effect! What is the main purpose of a Tantra massage? It is primarily an effect on the body, its maximum relaxation, and thus a feeling of complete calm and self-satisfaction. The massage performed by our masseuses effectively activates the body’s natural defenses against many different diseases.

What’s more? Tantric massage aims not only to improve physical health but also to increase the client’s sensuality. The spiritual content of the massage is the total harmonization of the senses. Massage relieves stress, destroys all complexes, and helps you relax. The slow pace and subtle movements that accompany the massage from start to finish help you relax significantly. In the case of Tantra massage, there are no restrictions or prohibitions! During the session, anything that gives mutual pleasure is possible. However, if there is something that the client may not accept, it is necessary to inform him about it before starting the massage. This solution allows you to avoid discomfort.

The main effect of Tantra massage

The main result of Tantra massage is increased sensuality! Many clients are eager to reveal all their desires after one massage session in our salon. In turn, new, extraordinary experiences bring partners closer together and thus strengthen romantic relationships.

What is the atmosphere at the session?

Our masseuses create a cozy atmosphere that invites you to relax. In Desert Rose, massage is performed in the twilight, in the company of silence and complete peace. Thanks to this, it is possible to completely cut off the customer from the noise and city noise. It is worth giving yourself such a moment, even on one evening.

Specially selected aromatic essential oils give the room extra coziness and comfort. All this will make you feel like you are on a remote, tropical island. The soft music heard in the background will be an additional pleasure.

Do you care about satisfaction and contentment? Do not hesitate, to arrange a session with our masseuses today. Please contact us! Young and beautiful girls are waiting for you!

16 May 2022

Erotic massage – a great solution after parting?

Have you broken up with your significant other, you start to feel depressed and you don’t know what to do? Psychologists recommend many ways to effectively solve this problem, although the vast majority recommend a distortion of this situation. One of the most cost-effective solutions is an erotic massage session in our professional Desert Rose salon. We cordially invite you!

Erotic massages – types

Experienced masseuses working in our massage parlor offer various types of erotic massage. However, most often they perform massages such as:

  • Nuru massage – masseuses are completely naked during Nuru massage. What is important? To soften the movements, a special gel consisting only of natural ingredients is rubbed into the body of customers. The product used does not cause allergies or any other side effects
  • Sensual massage – this type of massage looks a bit more conventional. It is worth noting that before starting the massage, professional masseuses create an intimate, one-of-a-kind atmosphere in the salon, thanks to which customers can relax. The main purpose of sensual massage is to stimulate erogenous zones. To achieve the goal, a happy ending massage is also possible at the end of the therapy.

The greatest advantages of erotic massage

Erotic massage sessions in our massage parlor are a lot of advantages for people who have recently parted with their loved ones. The greatest benefits that can be seen after the first series of massage are:

  • Pushing away negative emotions – erotic massage affects both physical and mental health. It is a perfect solution thanks to which clients forget about their problems in the previous relationship
  • Significant improvement in the quality of sleep – unfortunately, most people suffer from insomnia after parting ways with their partner. Our erotic massage therapy makes your dream nightmare free
  • New intimate experiences – erotic massage also brings the client closer to the masseuse. A professionally performed massage allows you to get intimate satisfaction even when the client is not in a relationship

However, the biggest advantage of visiting a therapist after ending a relationship with your partner is the fact that during the erotic massage you have time to think about your future without your ex. So, this is a session that can allow you to move on into the world without that person.

Summing up, an erotic massage is a great choice if you want to quickly forget about breaking up with your partner. After the first treatment, your emotional state will improve significantly! However, if you want to get all the benefits, several erotic massage sessions are recommended. We cordially invite you to our massage salon!