28 January 2021

Tantric massage – an amazing power of relaxation

The tantric massage offered by DesertRose is a type of erotic massage that, when properly performed, can build a relaxing atmosphere. With the help of special scents of essential oils and flames of flickering candles, our professional masseuses create a magical and unique atmosphere! The offices are specially tinted, so that the patient can only see the beautiful body of the masseuse, bathed in hot olive oil, which, using the appropriate technique, performs a massage with the whole naked body.

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21 January 2021

Erotic massage – amazing experiences

Erotic massage is an ideal way not only to relax, but also to focus on our sexuality. Importantly, this type of massage relieves stress and improves self-esteem at the same time. Today, the nuru massage is very popular, during which the masseuse rubs against her partner in a sensual way. It is worth adding that a special gel is used for nuru massage to achieve ecstatic sensations!

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