21 January 2021

Tantric massage – proper preparation

Tantric massage is a relaxation of the highest quality, however, it happens that it is stressful for the first time for those who do not know what to expect. To save guests anxiety, we reveal the basic rules of how to prepare for a tantric massage!

Tantric massage – the right attitude

Most often, tantric massage is associated with erotic massage, the most important point of which is to relieve sexual tension. This is, in a way, wrong thinking! Tantra gives a much deeper experience, it is a type of massage that gives great satisfaction on 3 levels: physical, mental and sexual. Although the latter may seem the most important, the main goal of tantric massage is to achieve the state of absolute relaxation! What is worth remembering? This is not to focus only on partially relieving tensions, but to draw from tantra with full handfuls.

Open and casual conversation

Guests who visit us for the first time know from the moment they cross the massage parlor that there is nothing to stress. Our professional masseuses are characterized by a very individual approach to each client! They are warm and positive people with whom you can always talk, talk openly about your expectations and concerns!

Time to relax

In everyday life, it is very difficult to forget about all your worries and worries, mainly because we are subconsciously worried about things that keep us upset. Our professional tantric massage session is a time when you can free yourself from any troubles! The soothing touch of the masseuses will make you relax not only for your body, but also for your mind. All you have to do is allow it! By using our services, leave all your worries and problems behind the door, and we promise you that when you leave it, your problems will become much smaller and easier to solve!


This is a very important point for our DesertRose masseuses, we want all our guests to be aware of effectiveness, professionalism and the highest quality! Remember that tantric massage is an art that requires many years of training to be perfected!

With all the above information in mind, you are ready for our tantric massage! Whether it will be your first time or another – we can assure you that it will not be the last! If you are looking for the best tantric massage, we invite you to DesertRose, where professional masseuses and unique, one-of-a-kind experiences await you!

21 January 2021

Erotic massages – oils and candles

Did you know that erotic massage is a delicate and intimate moment of calm, soothing and closeness? In order to perform it properly and provide yourself with pleasure for the senses and many other benefits for the skin, you should use special oils and massage candles! It is worth noting that the candles and massage oils we offer are its perfect complement, which provide a beautiful massage experience that stimulates the sense of smell. Properly selected candles and oils can have a beautiful fragrance, which further enhances the state of relaxation and triggers pleasant associations!

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21 January 2021

Oriental erotic massage – a special moment for you

There are really many reasons for choosing a unique, one of a kind oriental erotic massage. This type of massage is a fantastic relaxing treatment in many ways. Are you wondering why you should try it out? You will find the answers to these and other questions in the article below!

Oriental erotic massage – a remedy for stress

Oriental erotic massage performed by our professional masseuses can relax on many levels. What is important? It is not only about physical relaxation itself! It is a great solution also when you are bored, tired or stressed. Check out the DesertRose salon offer and book your visit! You will soon find out that you will leave us in a great mood and charged with positive energy.

Oriental erotic massage – a great way to get rid of boredom

It is worth noting that under the word “boredom” there is actually a lack of willingness to live and unsatisfied rule. Each of our clients who have tried a professional erotic massage at least once knows how much it charges the batteries in both the body and mind. By using our services, you get a huge dose of endorphins, which in turn will activate the levels of physical and mental energy in you that you had no idea about so far! Even one session will allow you to unlock in terms of creativity and emotion!

Oriental erotic massage is an inspiration?

Unfortunately, it very often happens that boredom also affects people in bed, in particular, it concerns couples in long-term relationships. The erotic massage we offer will effectively awaken your rule again. Moreover? It is an amazing experience that can also be transferred from the living room to the bedroom! You should know that a properly performed massage can become your fantastic foreplay. Thanks to him, your partner will be pleasantly surprised by the creativity, initiative and technique that you show, and will certainly repay you!

Erotic massage is also quality

Only professionals who have improved their skills over the years of practice work in our salon. They deal with erotic, therapeutic and relaxing massages, they know perfectly well how to combine the pleasure offered to you with special techniques that will provide you with many health benefits. DesertRose masseuses are not only experts specializing in massage, but also wonderful, beautiful and brilliant people who care for each client at the highest level.

Oriental erotic massage – an unforgettable moment of relaxation

It is relaxing and not just any kind! Our clients come back to our showroom for a reason. Are you wondering what distinguishes us from the competition? First of all, the prevailing climate! By choosing an erotic massage, you get a multi-level experience, which includes an unusual play with light, exotic music and beautiful aromas of oils. Oriental erotic massage can become the beginning of your new adventure in life!