24 January 2019

Intimacy closed to the touch

TantricĀ massageĀ is a term that most of us have probably already heard somewhere – a friend mentioned something, some newspaper published an article, or it was talked about on breakfast TV, but many people still do not know what it means.Ā The combination of these two words sounds somewhat intimate, which often makes the classic erotic massage peopleā€™s first thought.Ā However, it is worth getting to know the topic and to think about what it really is.

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24 January 2019

Functions of tantric massage

TantricĀ massageĀ is not the standard, well-trained movement of masseurs. On the contrary, it is a ritual.Ā During this wonderful action, masseurs establish a certain connection between the universe and the body, which plays the main role in this treatment.Ā Tantric massageĀ can be called sexual meditation, during which all the attention of both massage therapist and massage client is directed at their feelings, actions, and themselves.

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