5 March 2019

What is tantric massage and who is it intended for?

Taking care of health comes in many different forms.Ā We can exercise regularly, thanks to which we maintain a constant level of flexibility necessary for the body. But, we can also combine useful activities with pleasant ones, which will definitely appeal to everyone, regardless of the level of physical fitness they have.Ā TantricĀ massageĀ belongs to one of the oldest relaxation and health techniques.Ā The main task is to free the body from excess sexual energy, too much of which can cause many other ailments.

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24 January 2019

Tantric massage for men

TantricĀ massageĀ is a special type of oriental practice performed in pairs.Ā It is often confused with erotic massage, but the difference is significant and fundamental.Ā It is not only a technique of showing the body, but also a special, subtle level of interaction of partners with each other during sessions and exchange of energy through touch.

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24 January 2019

Tantric massage for women

Stress, tension, and depression all appear periodically in every person living in a large metropolis.Ā Some people cope using alcohol, and some relieve stress with special preparations.Ā However, you can take advantage of a relaxing and very pleasantĀ tantric massageĀ that does not harm the health, and will even have the opposite effect ā€“ creating a positive impact on negative feelings.

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