5 June 2019

Nuru massage

The nuru massage originates in Japan. Currently, it is known throughout the world as a form of erotic massage. A characteristic feature of nuru massage is that it is performed through the contact of naked bodies. In order to achieve the slipperiness of bodies, specialized oils or gels are used. What distinguishes it from traditional massage is the fact that the masseuse uses the whole body. Common elements are the labia massage, or breast and bottom massage.

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7 April 2019

Tantric massage – basic information

Tantric massage has a rich tradition. It is a practice that was created several thousand years ago at the foot of the Himalayas. The Indian Tantra, of which this massage is a part, has three aspects: spirituality (being close to gods and deities), corporality as sacred (respecting the body, working with it as a holy practice) and working with shadow (integration of all parts).

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