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Taking care of health comes in many different forms. We can exercise regularly, thanks to which we maintain a constant level of flexibility necessary for the body. But, we can also combine useful activities with pleasant ones, which will definitely appeal to everyone, regardless of the level of physical fitness they have. Tantric massage belongs to one of the oldest relaxation and health techniques. The main task is to free the body from excess sexual energy, too much of which can cause many other ailments.

Freeing sexual energy

The technique used in tantric massage is aimed at the unique focus on the need for deep relaxation, and thus, the release of a massaged person from stress. The main task of massage is to get rid of sexual tension, which, as we know, can be harmful. Too much of it can cause stress and general malaise, which after some time will clearly affect our psyche, and thus our behavior and contact with other people. Tantric massage is focused on the whole body, with special attention to several very sensitive places. Most of these points on our body are characterized by high sensitivity to touch; so skillful massaging can lead to very good results. Tantric massage focuses, among other things, on the head, where skin is extremely delicate due to the hair follicles occurring there. Intimate places also play a very large role, mainly due to the mentioned high sensitivity to touch and as a natural outlet for sexual energy.

What does a tantric massage look like?

Tantric massage is carried out gradually, without unnecessary haste and with appropriate devotion. The body of the person being massaged is first well prepared, using hot towels, thanks to which muscle tension is reduced from the very beginning. Thanks to the pleasant warmth the body becomes more open to touch, making the massage even more effective. The use of essential oils stimulates the sense of smell, leading the person massaged into a relaxed mood. Tantric massage does not omit any part of the body, focusing on places often wrongly omitted in other massage techniques. Feet, thighs, buttocks, breasts, and the previously mentioned intimate places respond perfectly to touch.

For who?

Tantric massage is aimed at everyone, but you have to bear in mind that it is a very intimate form of relaxation. People who are shy and introverted may have a problem with opening up to the masseur. Problems resulting from the lack of acceptance of one’s own body often stand in the way of women who, through complexes, refuse to put themselves in a place of relaxation. It should be remembered, however, that tantric massage focuses primarily on mental health through the release of sexual energy, which is why all fears should be left by the office door.