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Each of us likes to relax in different ways. Some will choose physical activity; others will blissfully laze on a snug couch in the comfort of their own home, while others will opt for relaxing massages. Massage is very popular and often the preferred form of rest for both the body and the soul. Among the many types of massage, the mysterious tantric massage deserves special attention. So what is tantric massage based on, and what are its benefits?

What is a tantric massage?

Living in a constant state of activity and having numerous duties awaiting us every day makes us start to appreciate and enjoy every free moment more and more. Tantric massage is helpful in forgetting everyday problems.

To fully understand what comprises a tantric massage, one should delve into the traditions a bit. Tantric massage is derived from India, where sexuality was of great importance to deities and gods, who in turn repaid fertility and the release of the self.  However, it should be remembered that the sexual act there was not perceived as a typical physiological experience, but was above all spiritual, which allowed people to achieve harmony both with the world of deities and with nature. The technique of this massage was taught in the local temples dedicated to the goddesses of fertility.

Tantric massage is a combination of the male and female elements, which makes it possible to find harmony and to gett to know your inner desires. This is important because the escape from sexuality or its ignorance can prevent normal and full human development. Tantric massage is therefore focused not only on spiritual and bodily pleasures, because its performance stimulates many energy points, including those in intimate places.

What does a tantric massage look like?

The first step is to cover the body of a person massaged with warm towels and massage the back and limbs to warm up the whole body. Then the masseur reaches for a special oil and starts the proper massage with precision, treating every element of our body equally. This massage may also (but does not have to) cover the intimate parts of the body, but everything is done with behavior, delicacy, safety, and above all comfort, and does not intrusively disturb the intimacy of the person being massaged. Tantric massage is based on mutual trust between the masseur and his client.

What are the benefits of tantric massage?

Tantric massage allows you to familiarize yourself with your own needs and to understand them more precisely, which affects our openness and reduces the sense of shame. It is thanks to this technique that it will be possible to free yourself from internal blockages, and to experience peace and complete relaxation. Tantric massage is also helpful in the fight against depression, physical fatigue, and nervous tension.