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An increasingly popular variant of massage is the tantric option. It is actually more willingly chosen month by month. What is it all about in practice? Who should be particularly interested in tantric massage? You will get answers to these questions by reading today’s article.

Tantric massage – what is worth knowing about it?

I do not think you need to convince anyone that this is a relatively controversial option, because tantric massage assumes that all parts of our body can be touched during the massage. Even those located near intimate places. Therefore, professionals can touch breasts, buttocks, crotch, etc. It should be noted that tantric massage is popular among women and men. The idea is that no part of our body is rejected or treated worse. Properly conducted tantric massage aims to bring pleasure and relaxation. People who have used this option say that no other massage will guarantee this.

It should be noted that during the massage you can feel something in the form of erotic sensations. The massage is performed in absolute silence. Another very important issue is that both the client and the massage therapist are completely naked. Everything takes place on a large mattress, to guarantee both sides comfort. Before starting the proper part, it is necessary to learn the tantric breath. Customers are also lubricated with pleasant oils and aromatic essences. Initially, tantric massage resembles an ordinary relaxation massage. With time, however, massaging also moves to intimate parts. This leads to the emergence of an exciting tension that can resemble feelings associated with physical love.

Who should opt for tantric massage?

There is no denying that tantric massage will not appeal to everyone. Of course, this is an option that allows you to forget about various problems related to our private and professional lives. It’s a chance to – by colloquially writing – reset the mind and start looking optimistically at your surrounding reality. However, to achieve all of the above-mentioned qualities, one must get rid of the feeling of shame. Not everyone is able to accept that a stranger will touch the breast or crotch, etc. Before choosing such a massage, you must therefore consider whether you are open enough for new challenges – if you are, you will not regret it.