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The technique of tantric massage used depends on the purpose of the massage. If its character can be called erotic, the therapist massages mainly the erogenous zones to release the sexual energy of the person. This type of massage is usually done between partners.

Tantric massage technique

In massage rooms, the session usually starts with making deep eye contact between the masseur and the person. The next massage movements start on the back, because it will allow you to relax and not to worry about your thoughts.

The back is massaged as follows:

One hand of the masseur performs movements around the shoulder blades and collarbone, while the other hand massages the back and tail bone. The hand movements are smooth and in unison. Then massage movements are carried out horizontally, that is, across the body. The tail bone area is massaged with triangular strokes. The masseur proceeds to massage the hands, first the arms and forearms, and then the hands and fingers, which deserve special attention due to the fact that a large number of energy centers are focused on them.

Next, the masseur turns to your feet. Most often, the masseur takes a position so that the legs of the client are between his legs. The massage starts from the buttocks and gently falls down the entire length of the legs to the feet, which also require special attention, like the hands, because there are also biologically active points on them. The masseur should massage each toe. All massage movements while performing this technique should be done smoothly, slowly and gently.

How long does tantric massage last?

This massage therapy begins by lifting the tension, and then it is necessary to activate the energy centers of the body. The average duration of tantric massage lasts 1.5-2 hours, but in some cases the procedure lasts longer.

Tantric massage for a man

To conduct a tantric therapy session for a man, follow these recommendations:

A man should take a comfortable, relaxed posture so as not to feel discomfort and tension. The movement should be slow and fluid. One of the main erogenous zones of the male body is on the sacral bone, which should be massaged very gently, using only the tips of the fingers. The legs and hands are massaged separately, and this is done gently and smoothly by stroking. A session of such a massage will allow a man to completely relax and get rid of negative thoughts and experiences.

Tantric massage for a woman

For women, the emotional element is very important during the session, and this allows the woman to get the most pleasure from the procedure. Recommendations regarding massage will be similar to recommendations for men.

The room creates the right mood – dark lights, lighted candles – and the air should be filled with aromas. A woman should be as relaxed as possible, nothing should distract her, and so it is important to choose a comfortable position. Tantric massage is not only for sensual pleasure, but also for relaxation in order to vent your sexual energy. In the case of massage sessions using this technique, the main task of the procedure is to understand the desires and thoughts of the person for whom the massage is intended.