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Tantric massage is gaining more and more popularity. A common opinion about this type of practice is that many people mistake it for an erotic massage. However, this ritual has little in common with it.

Tantric massage – what exactly is it?

The history of tantric massage goes back to old Hindu and Buddhist medicine centered on the concept of tantra as a kind of spiritual discipline. The main purpose of this type of practice was the fusion and refinement of the human being, which manifested itself in transgressing the sensual and intellectual feeling of the world and detachment from it. The main goal in traditional Tibetan terminology was to go beyond the physical “I” and focus on achieving self-fulfillment through detachment from spiritual suffering. At that time, it was closely connected to religion, but today it takes on other forms, often adapted to the needs of the Western world.

Tantric massage is intended not only to provide physical pleasure. The ultimate goal of this type of massage was the spiritual experience. Nowadays, it is received in a similar way – it allows, above all, one to open up, not only to your own corporeality but also to your soul.

Who can use tantric massage?

Everybody can use tantric massage. It is recommended especially for people who are exposed to large and often chronic stress, feel tired, or those who have a lack of strength and energy. The basic assumptions when performing a tantric massage are:

  • Recognition that there are no places on the body to be ashamed of, every part of the body is treated with the same attention;
  • While performing a massage, people who participate in the ritual should be naked;
  • In addition to the practice itself, it is also important to talk with the person who will be doing it – this type of massage is also an influence on the mind and spirituality, not only on the body;
  • The right way to breathe is very important – it’s worth breathing deeply, which allows you to relax your muscles and get a deeper experience;
  • It should be remembered that the main purpose of this type of massage is not to achieve sexual arousal (which, however, sometimes can happen inadvertently);
  • Intimate massage is allowed – but remember that you must not do anything by force.

For a tantric massage, you should go to a massage salon that specializes in it. You can also do it in the comfort of your home with your partner. It allows partners to open up to each other, and to know their own needs and expectations. It is worth using oils and gels to make it relaxing. After the session is finished, it is worth the partners talking to each other about mutual expectations, and the course and effects of the performed massage.