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Stress, tension, and depression all appear periodically in every person living in a large metropolis. Some people cope using alcohol, and some relieve stress with special preparations. However, you can take advantage of a relaxing and very pleasant tantric massage that does not harm the health, and will even have the opposite effect – creating a positive impact on negative feelings.

During a tantric massage, a person receives emotional and psychological relaxation as well as a beneficial effect on back problems. The procedure involves massaging the muscles, but it is not only directed at this. The tantric massage process is much deeper than you can imagine. Often this type of effect on the body is performed with light soothing music using different types of aromatic oils. The flow of blood during a tantric massage enriches the whole body with oxygen.

Types and techniques of tantric massage

This treatment can be divided into several other types:

  • Classictantric massage
  • A combination of Thai andtantric massages
  • Designed to maintain men’s health
  • Massage techniques specifically for women
  • Tantricmassage with oil is characterized by the use of a large amount of aromatic oils that ensure maximum excitement.

Stages of tantric massage

  • Preparatory stage.Intentional soft and rhythmic movements of the masseuse rubbing the oil into the body
  • Movements during the massage become soft and slower
  • Massaging the area around the navel
  • Last stage.This is where the whole climax of the massage should take place. Different body parts of the client work in harmony, i.e. chest, abdomen, and other places.

Tantric massage for women

Tantric massage is useful not only for men, but also for women, which led to a rise in popularity among the fair sex. However, the approach to female clients is always unique, because the nature of women is delicate, like a flower whose petals are revealed only thanks to the beneficial influence of factors. Women are more emotional, which is why in the tantric massage procedure full confidence and lack of haste are very important for them.

Of special importance is the intimate surroundings for women, because the sexuality of women’s and men’s bodies are very different from each other. To achieve the right setting, through a bit of excitement, a woman needs full security, and an intimate and romantic atmosphere. That is why the tantric massage procedure contains special stages of preparation for the treatment and use of oils and aromatic substances. Also, relaxing music and dim light in a room specially adapted for massage is beneficial for a female massage client.