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Tantric massage is a special type of oriental practice performed in pairs. It is often confused with erotic massage, but the difference is significant and fundamental. It is not only a technique of showing the body, but also a special, subtle level of interaction of partners with each other during sessions and exchange of energy through touch.

Tantric massage is a communication that explains the whole point of this technique. The assumptions of this art mean not only touching specific places within the erogenous zones, which causes excitement and pleasure, but also that the center of all sensation is first and foremost in the human head. The point is that the whole human body is a single erogenous zone. The ability to establish relationships between partners allows each touch in various areas of the physical body to become sensual and lusty.

The main advantages and benefits of tantric massage

  • Revealing the energy potential and all erogenous zones on the body
  • Relaxation and tension
  • Maximum level of relaxation
  • Finding harmony between the physical and energetic body
  • Obtaining unforgettable pleasure from the procedure

Tantric massage for men

Before starting the session, the most important thing is to create a suitable atmosphere for tantric massage in the room. This can be created with the help of candles, an intimate atmosphere, silence, and a comfortable temperature in the room. It is very important to choose the right space for the massage, which should be as comfortable as possible for the client.

At the second stage, it is important to establish contact at the level of breathing and heartbeats, along with unconditional trust and harmonious communication. Such contact is necessary to feel the invisible energy exchange during the massage by touch. Adjusting sexual tension plays a very important role, because fast stimulation will damage the massage procedure and its effect will not be complete.