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Tantric massage has a rich tradition. It is a practice that was created several thousand years ago at the foot of the Himalayas. The Indian Tantra, of which this massage is a part, has three aspects: spirituality (being close to gods and deities), corporality as sacred (respecting the body, working with it as a holy practice) and working with shadow (integration of all parts).

Tantric massage in this sense is a spiritual practice and a form of therapy. The aim of the treatment is not erotic stimulation, but the release of sexual energy and tension accumulating in the body. If the tantric massage is performed by partners, it results in strengthening the relationship and deepening trust. Tantric massage is also aimed at improving the attitude towards one’s body, its greater acceptance, and the abolition of the barrier of shame against nudity.

The person being massaged during the treatment is completely naked. The massage is to be performed on the whole body, as it is about the lack of creating divisions into neutral spheres and taboos. The massaging person aims to reach the chakras (energy centers) located in different places and unblock them by touch. During the procedure, the whole body can be massaged together with the intimate parts, unless the person subjected to the massage asks you to bypass these spheres.

In addition, some tantra masseurs claim that the first tantric massage should not include genitalia. This treatment involves working with sexuality, but it is not about discharging desire, but the distribution of energy throughout the body, redirecting it to the upper body. A person who is being massaged should feel relaxation and release tension in the muscles. It helps to perform deep breathing and visualizing a golden color that is spreading over the body, symbolizing the freed and moving energy.

The massage can be performed using various techniques. Occasionally, the procedure begins by covering the body of a person massaged with warm towels to warm up the skin and start light muscle relaxation. The massage is carried out with the help of oils, as well as additional accessories, such as feathers. The atmosphere is created using relaxing music, candles, and incense. Relaxation comes at a different time for everyone. If someone lives under stress, they do not use any relaxation techniques (eg. meditation, prayer, a walk in the park), and will wait longer for release from tension than a person who introduces to their rhythm a day of quietening the rituals. The treatment itself takes a long time, about 1.5 hours, which gives each massaged person the opportunity to experience bliss and increase the level of life energy.