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Tantric massage is one of the most pleasant and relaxing activities that we can try when we need to relax and rest.

What is a tantric massage?

Tantric massage is a technique that focuses on full relaxation, and rest. It allows us to forget about everyday problems and worries. It is also a useful technique for working on the body and mind, allowing the activation of the senses. The main feature of tantric massage is the unblocking of the sexual energy of a human being, which is considered the greatest life energy. Suppression of it suppresses human development and reduces its susceptibility to stimuli. Tantric massage is based on the awakening of all energy points, including those located in the vicinity of intimate places.

Due to the specificity of tantric massage, it is often confused with erotic massage. However, these are two completely different types of massage. Erotic massage is mainly used to achieve sexual relaxation by peaks, and tantric massage is designed to create harmony between Yin and Yang, a male and female element. People who undergo this massage experience the power of harmony and balance in the body, and all sexual energy is directed outside.

The benefits of tantric massage

Tantric massage is recommended primarily to people who are severely stressed, physically and mentally exhausted, suffer from depression, and other psychological and physical problems. This massage relaxes the body and makes it much easier to achieve full relaxation.  Massage can also be a great help in everyday relationships with other people, especially when it comes to these most intimate moments.

What does a tantric massage look like?

Tantric massage assumes that there are no taboos, so every body part is massaged with full concentration and respect. The ritual itself runs in silence, so that you can achieve full concentration and contact with your inner self. At the beginning you need to learn the tantric breath in order to achieve full relaxation and feel the flow of energy in the body. The massage takes place on a large and comfortable mattress, which provides comfort for both the masseur and the massaged. The body is massaged with special lubricants or oils, and then you go to the massage. The massage is performed gently and is designed to first relax the body, and then lead to excitement and sexual satisfaction. Both people are naked during the massage, which is justified by the type of massage and tradition, due to the acts performed during these massages.