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The nuru massage originates in Japan. Currently, it is known throughout the world as a form of erotic massage. A characteristic feature of nuru massage is that it is performed through the contact of naked bodies. In order to achieve the slipperiness of bodies, specialized oils or gels are used. What distinguishes it from traditional massage is the fact that the masseuse uses the whole body. Common elements are the labia massage, or breast and bottom massage.

The nuru massage can be a good idea for foreplay. During the massage participants try to find clear physical contact, which leads to relaxation.

How to do a nuru massage?

Performing a massage requires proper preparation of the space. It is worth protecting the massage area with a sheet because oils can make a mess. It is worth bearing in mind that oils should be warm, but not hot so that body lubrication is unpleasant. Participants should use the shower before starting the massage. Preparing for a massage is also, of course, taking care of the right atmosphere. It is worth remembering the dim lights, the smell of candles, and the quiet romantic music.

Is a nuru massage a good idea?

The nuru massage is a great idea for relaxing and relieving everyday stress. Thanks to sexual stimulation, we can forget about the problems of everyday life and fully relax. Regular use of massages helps to keep calm in difficult situations. Of course, nuru massage, just as much as any other form of massage, has a positive effect on physical health.

Who is nuru massage for?

Tantric massage is a good idea for all people who lead a sedentary lifestyle, and those who are looking for interesting entertainment. However, it also suitable for those who want to take care of their health and well-being. Sometimes it’s hard for people who are shy and introverted, so it is important to talk to the masseuse before starting the massage.

In addition to professional massage salons, this type of massage is a good idea to spice up life in the bedroom. It can be a new way to enjoy foreplay, and lets lovers get to know each other better and accept their bodies.