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Tantric massage is a term that most of us have probably already heard somewhere – a friend mentioned something, some newspaper published an article, or it was talked about on breakfast TV, but many people still do not know what it means. The combination of these two words sounds somewhat intimate, which often makes the classic erotic massage people’s first thought. However, it is worth getting to know the topic and to think about what it really is.

In contrast to the classic massage, whose task is to relax muscles and often help in the treatment of ailments associated with, for example, chronic pain of various parts of the body, tantric massage, known in India for centuries, and in Poland as a novelty, is intended for both men and women, is designed to include the whole body and to release tension, facilitate spiritual development, and get rid of the shame of one’s sexuality.

Not just Yang

One should distinguish between erotic and tantric massage. This association and shame connected with the idea of erotic massage are common reasons for giving up this service, but they are two completely different things. The first is primarily to relax sexually by peaking and thus to take care of the male element. Tantric massage, in turn, connects Yang with Yin and allows you to preserve and deepen internal balance, while using sexual energy to get to know the spiritual and deepen your own sensuality.

Tradition in the ceremony

Originally everything related to sexuality, including tantric massage, was taught in India in the temples of fertility gods. Discovering your sensuality was treated as a spiritual development, which is why in tantric massage there are no body zones considered as shameful or overlooked. Massaging the whole body involves treating it with respect and concentration. During the ceremony, beginning with the study of tantric breathing, the body relaxes and excitement intensifies, which is unloaded through appropriate massage techniques and allows for the spiritual gratification of sexual fulfillment. Everything is traditionally carried out in silence after the body’s previous anointing with aromatic oils to enable the massaged person to get to know their spiritual inside.

Opening through experience

A properly performed tantric massage has many advantages, both spiritual and physical. Obvious relaxation of muscles and a long-lasting feeling of calm go hand in hand with getting rid of the feeling of shame. Agreeing to open your own sexuality and its needs is a huge benefit not only for singles, but also couples and teaches us to enjoy the intimate life. The masseur and the person receiving the massage are naked during the ceremony, which is due to the nature of the massage and the tradition behind it. The whole process, however, is completely void of vulgar intentions, although during the ceremony, intimate zones are also massaged, including the crotch, penis, or womb. This touch is supposed to give pleasure without sexual intentions, and so emphasizes the beauty of the human body. For this reason, the client will find their beneficial influence that results from the process radiating into all spheres of their life.