7 January 2019

Tantric massage technique

The technique of tantric massage used depends on the purpose of the massage. If its character can be called erotic, the therapist massages mainly the erogenous zones to release the sexual energy of the person. This type of massage is usually done between partners.

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7 January 2019

What is a tantric massage?

Tantric massage maintains youth, refills life energy, and gives new sensations, while providing a therapeutic effect to the human body. According to experts, there are no contradictions to this, except for mental disorders; therefore it is recommended to those who need to switch their minds from negative problems to a peaceful state and feelings of exceptional pleasure. This technique allows men and women to experience the following conditions: relaxation, release from negative emotions, rejuvenation, and regaining unity with the body.

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7 January 2019

Tantric massage

Each of us likes to relax in different ways. Some will choose physical activity; others will blissfully laze on a snug couch in the comfort of their own home, while others will opt for relaxing massages. Massage is very popular and often the preferred form of rest for both the body and the soul. Among the many types of massage, the mysterious tantric massage deserves special attention. So what is tantric massage based on, and what are its benefits?

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