5 March 2019

Tantric massage

TantricĀ massageĀ is much more than just a therapeutic treatment.Ā For an open mind, it can be a real ritual and a pleasing ceremony leading to enlightenment.Ā The attitude to the body and its natural needs that are practiced by all kinds of tantrism originates from the books of the ancient east sages, which are full of knowledge about spiritual development, ways to enlighten the mind and sanctify the body.

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5 March 2019

Tantric massage – relaxation and pleasure

The fascination with Eastern culture in Europe takes many forms.Ā The fashion for oriental furniture and figurines is reflected in the modern decor of apartments.Ā Gourmets are delighted with Japanese sushi, and homeowners fill their kitchens with Chinese porcelain cups, bowls, and vases with characteristic paintings.Ā For relaxation, some practice meditation or yoga, taken from Hinduism.Ā This philosophical current is also the basis for application in different types of relaxation methods.Ā It’s worth getting to know them.

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